2022-11-10: Introducing a slight step up from the Stearns CV SINPACS. This unit is a SAMUSCO ECS224L 240V 50/60Hz 24A 60°C Electronic Centrifugal Switch. Its a step up as far as the number of parts and a couple steps down in price.

Yup. Looks exactly like the product pictures. DATASHEET HERE (PDF, 1 Page, 174kb)

Top Cover Removed. Nicely potted and a nice aluminum heatsink on the TRIAC.

It wasn't too hard to reach the bottom of the board. A 6 pin test connection strip?

Pretty Picture of the top of the circuit board with the through hole components removed.
Board is labeled ECS-224L V2.14 M220119

U1: MCV08A I/SN - I think this may explain the MCU noted in the description. hmm... a copy of the code might be helpful at some point...That and a datasheet in english.

Pretty picture of the bottom of the circuit board.

Huh... This is a 220/240VAC unit... Any chance they put a zero ohm resistor in place of one of each resistor combo (R4/R6, R8/R9 and R17/R18) to make it a 110/120VAC version?

This is the wiring diagram from the datasheet above for a little context on how this unit is used. One notable difference between this and the Stearns CV series is that this unit allows the use of a Run capacitor. (this unit would be equivalent to their CVR series)


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