2022-06-26: So you managed to find a great deal on a Henry Xtra Vacuum.

Henry Xtra Manufacturer Stock Photo

But when it arrived [in the USA], it had this strange plug on it. And the unit states 220VAC. Uh oh. That is a UK plug.

Henry Xtra Vacuum Power plug UK

No worries - we can fix it! (after disassembling unit) This here little motor has the stator and rotor wired in series - we can just switch to parallel.

Henry Xtra Vacuum 220VAC Electric Motor Top

Henry Xtra Vacuum 220VAC Electric Motor Markings

5210820147 906947 01
230VAC 50/60Hz CL.155 21050
Serie WL1822F230.151 AO AMETEK ITALIA

Insert Sparks flying; Guess that actually doesn't work in practice... Should be a piece of cake to cross over to a US Motor, I mean LAMB Electric/AMETEK is a pretty common vacuum motor manufacturer. (Can you sense a trend in my problems? They keep going deeper and deeper...) And since I can't seem to cross it over myself, and the local motor shops can't seem to either, we seem to be stuck, except for this nice little PDF (PDF, 3 Pages, 970KB) giving a 205291 part number.

...enter beautiful wife who makes some phone calls and finds a company in Canada that converts Henry vacuums from UK voltages to US voltages - NaceCare Solutions. And they had a solution for us - Buy a new motor and power cord (You'll need this because of the higher amperage required with the lower voltage motor; switch and internal wiring appear to be rated for the amperage). At this point, this sounded like the best option to move forward.

Nacecare Solutions suggested we contact a local company, Hillyard Inc. to actually order the parts. They (Hillyard) then drop-shipped the parts to us from Nacecare. If you want to order, you'll need the part numbers 205291 (120VAC Single Stage Motor - LM, 8501.52.40.00GB) and 236041 (Powercord, Yellow, 18 AWG, 8544.11.00.50 GB). 2 weeks later and we have a new motor and cord set installed and working!

and the new motor? Well, we can't find more than a handful of places that sell it... Here's the info below for the next person.

Henry Xtra Vacuum 120VAC Electric Motor Markings

6210820110 205291 02
120VAC 50/60Hz CL.155 21333
LAMB Electric DL1 651 T

Henry Xtra Vacuum 120VAC Electric Motor

Henry Xtra Vacuum 120VAC Electric Motor

and the powercord? Standard 18-2 cord with a molded plug. (2x18AWG, BAOHING CSA SJT LL112007 VW-1 300V 105°C 2x0.824mm 18AWG LF). You could practically walk into your local hardware store and come out with an extension cord, chop the female end off and have the same thing... Course every extension cord seems to be grounded these days (18-3).

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