Old News:

  • 2022-10-29: We're trying to reduce stock levels on some of our slower moving products. To help do so, we've reduced the price of about 400 products by 10% through the end of November, 2022.
  • 2022-10-10: Another day, another bug. Thanks for letting us know that the sort function was not working at all. As a temporary workaround, we've had to hide all out-of-stock products until Adobe releases a patch... Gotta love their bug tracking: 3 issues opened; all 3 point in a circle to each other; all 3 have been closed as duplicates. Will there ever be a fix?
  • 2022-10-09: We attempted to make a couple changes to our website to increase speed, especially on mobile. Some are duh - like minifying css and js and setting website mode to production (we thought we'd already done that!). Others may affect usability - removing stripe payment options from product pages (it saves 1.3MB on the product pages!) and removing the reviews tab on product pages (its been almost 5 years - only bots have used the feature!). Let us know if you experience any issues or want these options back!
  • 2022-10-08: Since quite a few customers have noticed and asked about USPS shipping prices seeming high[er], here is a link to the official temporary shipping rate hike for the 2022 holiday season. We hope this link helps to explain the extra cost - we unfortunately have to pass it along to you...
  • 2022-08-17: We're having a rough week on this website... We no more than fix one issue only to run into another after doing an update. We hope that our website is back up and running smoothly again! Our apologies! (We're doing our best and learning as fast as we can!)
  • 2022-08-2: We're aware of some website outages yesterday and today... Unfortunately we can only speculate on a cause - The symptoms are a cache corruption issue that's triggering a bug in pool.php, which cascades into a complete loss of our website functionality (aside from Cloudflare keeping the display windows lit). We're attempting to troubleshoot... hopefully August 9th will bring a patch from Adobe (we can dream can't we?)
  • 2022-07-18: Today's website outage brought to you courtesy of a corruption in our website cache... We're not sure why or how yet, but restoring a backup seems to have fixed it temporarily. We've checked for and applied all known patches as a precaution... We apologize for the lapse in service...
  • 2022-06-11: We've doubled our product image resolution, thanks to a complaint from a customer with a high resolution monitor (We're still stuck with 1920x1080px monitors). We've upped the max image size from 1200px to 2500px. This change won't affect our existing products, but will affect all future products. Hope this helps!
  • 2022-06-10: Our Amazon Pay account has been re-enabled by Amazon. (they claimed they couldn't verify our address...This is on a four year old account. Right...At least they fixed it quickly this time!
  • 2022-06-07: We're aware that Amazon Pay has disabled our account. We have no idea why and we don't know of any quick ways to get it reactivated... We've submitted an appeal and sent additional documentation... if this is like previous problems with Amazon, it'll be a couple weeks until the service is working again.
  • 2022-05-30: We apologize for not realizing that Amazon Pay is no longer integrated with Magento 2.4.4 and was accidentally removed. We have added Amazon Pay to our store again. Please let us know if you experience any problems.
  • 2022-03-07: Near constant search failures and periodic products not showing brought to you this past week by elasticsearch and a stingy website owner who only spec'd a server with 4GB RAM. (in his defense, he did just upgrade from a 768MB server only 8 weeks ago) He's now buckled and upped it to 8GB with a corresponding doubling of CPU cores. We hope the website experience is better now!
  • 2022-03-05: We're changing our pricing scheme a little bit; We're adding a $0.55 'Handling Fee' to each transaction to cover our payment processors $0.30 transaction fee and our average packaging cost of $0.25 per order. How does this benefit you? Well, our pricing calculations used to add these fees to the cost of each product. Say you bought two items - you now were paying 2 transaction fees and 2 packing costs (all rolled into the product price). We're going to eliminate that old calculation and hopefully drop our product prices over the next month or so, while adding the fees (only once!) to the shipping cost as a handling charge. So hopefully you'll see a drop in product prices, with a slight increase in shipping costs. (completed)
  • 2022-02-22: We're in the process of adding Stripe Payment Processing as an option on our website - We really would like to add Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment options, but we ran into a snag - we're currently waiting for help from people more knowledgeable than us...
  • 2022-02-05: We apologize for the added captchas all over the website. We've are trying to fix some nuisance issues with scams and fraud attempts. In other news, we've added UPS Ground as a shipping option at checkout. (Sorry, we're not setup for regular pickups and can't add next day/2nd day/3rd day shipments quite yet.)
  • 2022-02-01: We're adding a couple new features: try out the product compare & email a friend features! (and let us know if we need to fix anything by using the contact us form!)
  • 2022-02-07: Our website outage this weekend brought to you by siteways, who claims that cloudfare's CDN caching is resetting DNS settings. Only one problem... We turned that off when we transferred hosting platforms. How did it get turned back on?
  • 2022-02-02: Our website outage today comes to you courtesy of Siteground (one more reason to ditch them). It seems that after downgrading (since they won't refund me after dropping support for magento) my account yesterday, they decided to reset all my domain forwarding details as well.
  • 2022-01-28: So we're trying to actually complete the hosting provider move (siteground->cloudways)...and perform an upgrade from Magento 2.3.7p2 to 2.4.3. Please be patient with us and report any problems you run into... So far we've managed to lose our entire order history (but not our customer list). We still have backups and can at least look up the info, but looking at order information after logging in or clicking on tracking links from emails no longer works on orders numbers <800. Fixed: email issues; special prices, Product Attributes. Known Issues: missing orders.
  • 2022-01-01: Happy New Year!
  • 2021-11-13: We're going to move hosting providers (siteground->cloudways). There may be some outages as we attempt this transition. Thanks for your patience!


  • 2021-11-01: Milwaukee Parts Price Increase: some parts are seeing some huge price increases (ex. 45-24-2655 was $1.94 now $6.94)

  • 2021-10-30: Thanks to Mitchell W. for alerting us to that fact that we didn't allow credit cards as a payment method on checkout. Apparently, we never set that up properly. You can now use credit cards to pay!
  • 2021-09-13: We're aware of a bug in our tracking emails where clicking the link returns a 404 error - We think we fixed it...again. Let us know if the links are still broken for you.
  • We're trying to add quantity discounts on all our items: 2% off for quantities of 2 and 5% off for quantities of 3+. If you don't see this discount on the item you want, please let us know - we're pretty sure we missed a bunch of items!
  • We're trying to increase our stocking levels - bear with us! We'll get everything back in stock eventually! (we hope! - this covid situation is really causing supply issues)
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